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Using Our APIs

Using the API

Accessing the API is a two-step process. Before you begin, you will need your client Id and client secret from your "Manage Your Account" page.

Please note that this API is still in development and thus the below steps are subject to change.

To request an access token for the API, do the following:

  1. 1. Make a POST request to with the following parameters in the body (this is standard OAuth2):

    • client_id
    • client_secret
    • grant_typegranttype (value = "client_credentials")"clientcredentials")
    • scope (value = "sisdata")

The raw request will look like this:

clientid: yourclientId
secret: yourclientsecret
granttype: clientcredentials
scope_ sisdata

The response will look like this:

{ "accesstoken" : "blahblahblahblah...","expiresin":3600,"token_type": "Bearer"}


  1. Grab the value from "access_token", and add it (with "Bearer " prefixed) as the value of a Header key called "Authorization".

The raw request will look like this (using an example endpoint):

GET [Header stuff] Authorization: Bearer blahblahblahblah...

At this point, you should recieve a JSON-encoded response.